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City Club Projects

The Strongsville City Club was established with the objective to “cultivate and promote mutual and civic interests.” Since 1968, we have been involved with most of the city's programs, projects and service organizations. Below is a list of many of the projects and organizations for which we have provided either financial support or the time of our members. For many of these programs, we have continued to provide ongoing support over years.  For a more detailed description of a project or program, please click on the highlighted projects.


Strongsville High School After-Prom
Southwest General Hospital

Strongsville Food Bank

Camp Cheerful
Old Town Hall Restoration
Strongsville Swim Team
Strongsville Community Theater
Strongsville Education Foundation
Freedom Trail
Strongsville Women’s League
Strongsville Winter Wonderland
Strongsville Arts in the Woods
Strongsville Athletic Hall of fame
Strongsville Marching Band
St Joseph and John School
Strongsville Teen Court
Strongsville VFW
Strongsville Dare
Strongsville Youth Commission
Strongsville City Buses
Strongsville Music Boosters
Strongsville Football Boosters
Boy Scouts
Strongsville Bicentenial
Strongsville Police Benefit
Dave Toma Fund (Drugs)
Relay for Life
Frank Rozum Baseball
Strongsville Safety Town
Hargrove Rainbow Hospital Benefit
Girl Scouts
175th Birthday Celebration
Kiwanis Foundation
Join Hands Foundation
Allen Elementary
Senior Olympics




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Description and Photos

The Clock Tower located on the Northeast corner of Royalton and Pearl Roads was the idea of the late Mayor Walter F. Ehrnfelt. Mayor Ehrnfelt believed Strongsville needed an icon for the city to set itself apart from other communities along with an everlasting token by which to remember the City. In 1989, he asked the Strongsville City Club to fund the tower and we accepted the challenge. When the project was completed in 1994, the City Club donated the Clock Tower to the City of Strongsville. The City Club still maintains the functionality of the clocks and funds the landscaping around it.
The Strongsville Cemetery Fence, located on Pearl road, was another request from the City of Strongsville. The City Club raised funds and commissioned the building of the fence in 2005. When completed, we donated the project to the city. We still provide the funds for on going maintenance.

Strongsville City Club has made donations to operate and improve the Historical Society Village for years. The Strongsville Historical Village, located on Pearl Road across the street from Center Middle School. is our most current project. We are currently providing the labor and funding to repair the wrought iron fence in front of the village.
Strongsville City Club has supported many of the Senior Center's programs over the years, including purchasing and donating many woodworking tools and equipment for the Ehrnfelt Senior Center. The Senior Center is part of  Strongsville's Ehrnfelt Recreation Center, 18100 Royalton Road, Strongsville, Ohio 44136
The Strongsville City Club has provided both financial and organizational support to the Special Olympics program for many years. Through the club's generous donations, the special Olympians have the necessary equipment, facilities and uniforms to compete in the local and state competition. Additionally, the Strongsville City Club constructs and sponsors a float for the Strongsville Homecoming Parade with the Special Olympians and hosts a Holiday Breakfast annually for the Special Olympians and their families.
The Strongsville City club provided a significant donation for the construction of the Pat Catan Stadium where the Strongsville Mustangs play their home games. The entire construction cost of the stadium was provided by private funds. The stadium is located behind the Strongsville High School on Lunn Road.
Strongsville Recreation Teams
The City Club has long been a supporter of the Strongsville Recreation Programs. Funding and support from the club goes toward uniforms and equipment for many  of the sports teams.
Southwest General Hospital

The City Club is very proud to announce its participation in the capital campaign to raise money for the construction of the new Pandrangi Tower at Southwest General Health Center. The City Club was recognized as a major donor to the project. 

The Strongsville City Club provided a large donation for the construction of the Baseball / Softball Fields where the Strongsville Mustangs play their home games. The stadium is located behind the Strongsville High School on Lunn Road.
The Strongsville City Club has been a major contributor to  the annual Fourth of July fireworks display. The fireworks are presented on Foltz Parkway at the Strongsville Soccer Complex.
The Strongsville City club was a sponsor for building  the Hospice Center located on Drake Road near Pearl Road.
Strongsville Food Bank
In 2014, the City Club made a significant monetary contribution toward the construction on the new Strongsville Food Bank. Also, City Club members donated time and resources towards  its construction at 13259 Pearl Road. For information, call coordinator Kelly Kling at (440) 580-3280.

Strongsville Emergency Food Bank

The Strongsville City Club made a significant donation in 2009 to the Strongsville Emergency Food Bank.

The City Club is a key player in Strongsville's drive to keep the city green. In the 1960s and 1970s, the City Club purchased flowering crabs, rented a powered auger, and planted the trees on tree lawns throughout Strongsville. This program was completed when the city regulated that the home builders include a tree on every tree lawn.

Strongsville City Buses

The City Club has purchased 3 buses for city use. The city provides transportation for city residents to and from many programs, functions and events.

Lighting of the Strongsville Commons
The decorative lights that enhance the Strongsville Commons were purchased and installed by the City Club to provide aesthetics, lighting and safety for the many visitors throughout the year.
Strongsville Rib Burnoff
The Strongsville City Club Rib Burnoff was started in 1986 and is still going strong. Annually, the event draws world famous rib vendors to compete for the award “Best Ribs” in Strongsville. The Strongsville City Club Rib Burnoff is the major fundraising event for the Strongsville City Club.

Breakfast on the Covered Bridge
In 1983 The Strongsville City Club initiated its annual Breakfast on the Covered Bridge. It has been a hit with all who attend and come back year after year. The Strongsville City Club Breakfast on the Covered Bridge is also a major fundraising event for the Strongsville City Club.

The Strongsville City Club participates in the annual Strongsville Homecoming Parade with the Special Olympians. The City Club builds the float for the parade, which carries many of the olympians down the parade route. The Special Olympians have joined with the City Club for this event as we promote the participation and successes of our Special Olympians .

Special Olympics Holiday Breakfast
Each year, the City Club sponsors a Holiday Breakfast for all the Special Olympians and their families. Many special guests have attended the breakfast to support, encourage and entertain the Olympians, such as Cleveland Indian's mascot Slider and, of course, Santa Claus.